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Handbook for you when traveling in Phan Thiet

With gentle beaches, golden sand dunes full of colors, more unique local festivals, Phan Thiet promises to bring visitors an interesting trip.
About 200 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet attracts visitors from the South and surrounding areas such as Da Lat, Nha Trang, Dong Nai ... for weekends and holidays.


Weather and travel time
Being in the South Central Coast, Phan Thiet has a warm climate, and April and May are the hottest times of the year. Visitors can go to Phan Thiet any season, but avoid the end of June and early July because this is the seaweed bloom season or "red tide". This phenomenon causes seawater to change color and smell, so it is not suitable for bathing. Early June or August to December is a good time for your trip.
From Hanoi:
You can go by train from Hanoi Railway Station to Phan Thiet Station, from here take a taxi or bus to the center of Phan Thiet city.
Take the plane from Hanoi to Saigon, then you depart to Phan Thiet by public bus for 150,000 to 250,000 VND a ticket.
From HCMC:
You can take a train from Saigon Railway Station or a public bus at the Eastern Bus Station with a fare of 150,000 to 250,000 VND per person.
Phan Thiet city center and around the beach are many resorts for visitors to choose from. However, if combined with exploring the life of fishermen, visitors can come to rest in the coastal fishing villages, convenient for enjoying cheap seafood and find new destinations from local people. .
Vist location
Phan Thiet is divided into four major areas: the city center, Mui Ne, Mui Ke Ga and Hon Rom. Guests can choose to stop at one of these four areas, then continue the journey to explore other famous sites in Phan Thiet.
- Phan Thiet City Center: Located on National Highway 1A and Ca Ty River flows through creating fun amusement, crowded food on both sides. Coming here in the afternoon or evening, visitors will have quiet, cool and comfortable space to enjoy the local cuisine.
- Mui Ne: Also known as "West Village" because attracting a large number of foreign tourists, Mui Ne is one of the most ideal vacation destinations in Vietnam. Come here you can immerse yourself in the blue sea, enjoy the sunshine in the early morning. Besides the blue sea, the sand dunes are also a dream destination for many visitors. With more than 18 colors constantly changing day by day, sand dunes look magical as a unique natural painting. Guests can also relax with the lively snowshoeing game.
- Mui Ke Ga: The attraction of tourists by the idyllic beauty, pristine beaches with clean sand, white suitable for bathing, sun bathing and participating in camp fire activities, outdoor parties In addition to the sea, this place also has a lighthouse more than 100 years old. Passing 184 steps to climb the top of the lighthouse, visitors will admire the romantic beauty of nature with sky, clouds and sea water.


Mui Ke Ga with many unique shaped stone slabs. Picture: Hong Lien.
Hon Rom: A small tourist area of ​​Mui Ne, with beautiful landscapes, a 17 km long beach is called Hon Rom, where there is clear green water, no rocks. Visitors here often see the sunrise or sunset on the sandy beach, quiet night with a quiet space watching the moonlight beautiful and sparkling lyrical.
- Ta Cu mountain: beautiful scenery and luxuriant greenery, visitors can enjoy themselves in the fresh and green air. If you are adventurous tourists can climb to over 1,000 steps or take a cable car to get a panoramic view of the sea, clouds, water and mountain forests in harmony looks beautiful.
- Po Sah Sah Ina Tower: A Cham tower clusters relatively intact, with unique architectural art, visitors here will be fascinated by the unique creativity from the hand of the human body through ant details. Architecture and sculpture. In addition, in October every year, visitors will participate in Kate festival with Cham people.
- Duc Thanh School: A school founded by the patriotic Binh Thuan in 1907 to respond Duy Tan movement of Phan Chau Trinh. This is also the school that President Ho Chi Minh stopped and taught before coming to Saigon. Today, the school keeps many relics intact for visitors to visit and learn.
- Bai Rang: Bai Rang beach or Rang beach is the most beautiful beach of Phan Thiet city, located under the thick coconut trees look like coconut forest is beautiful. Summer, beach Rang every afternoon crowded guests bathing and enjoy the fresh blue fish roasted sweet pineapple.
- Doi Duong Beach: Located next to the heart of the bustling city of Phan Thiet, Doi Duong beach still brings in its gentle beauty. Coming here, you will hear the murmur of the living, soothing the tiredness after hard working days.
- White Bau: Come here in summer, visitors will enjoy the green lotus, red, purple, yellow flowers gloomy a large area. On the soft sandy beaches for tourists to play free.


White Bau with charming natural scenery. Photo by Tuan Dao.
Hon Ghenh: From here, you will see one side of Mui Ne stretching, one of which is a cool green Hon Rom forming an arc of arms embracing the blue sea. The sea here is crystal clear and can see the bottom coral, on the shore are small rocks stacked on top of each other to create a unique masterpiece.
Traditional local festivals
- Temple Auditorium: It is held on 15-16 / 9 lunar year in Dinh Thay temple, about 70 km from Phan Thiet. The association has many activities with special folk beliefs. Many people believe that the sacred Master, a pilgrim with great veneration and sincerity, will receive good luck and peace.
- Yen Bridge Festival: It is one of the Cham traditional festivals, held every year in the Cham village with the meaning of sending the evil, the bad luck of the old year and the procession of luck for the year. each. After the festival is the festival with the traditional Cham dance and singing. Occurs at the beginning of January Cham festival.
- Kate Festival: It is also a traditional Cham festival, held in early July of the Cham calendar (October). Festival with the meaning of remembrance of kings, gods are grateful to the nation.
Nghinh Ong Festival: This festival is held in July of lunar calendar, this is the festival of Ong fish of fishermen in the sea, which is held once every two years, with wish for national security and good weather. The sea was quiet, the people were happy. After the ceremony is the festival with folk games and traditional dishes with bold flavor of the sea.
- Boat race to celebrate the spring on Ca Ty River: Taking place on the 2nd Annual Lunar New Year, the racing boats are decorated with flower flags, colorful banners, mingled with drums, trumpets and cheers. Dance of the people and visitors creates a vibrant atmosphere.
Specialty dish
- Fried fish cakes: fried pieces are fried golden or steamed with noodles with soft white bread, sweet scented soup is served by fresh fish caught from the sea off Phan Thiet. This dish is quite spicy so if you do not eat spicy you should tell the seller to mix to taste.
- Banh Banh: Baked by Cham Binh Duc pottery, Phan Hoa commune, bread cakes that bring the breath of the sun and wind, bring the sea flavor through the seafood such as shrimps, shrimp. This is a simple cake processing but many visitors enjoy.
- Fish Salad: Made from soft-flesh fish such as fresh fish, fish or cloudy fish. An oily fish salad fleshy omnipotent converts all four sour, spicy, crunchy, fresh of lemon, chili, snow and fresh fish.
- Sand dunes: Can be baked or made according to the taste of the guests. This is one of the most popular specialties suitable for drinkers.


Stir-fried duck with typical meat. Picture: Van Trai
Crabs are here all year round, but it is best especially in December, now male and female are full of bricks and taste delicious characteristic. Guests can enjoy by baking or steaming. The king crab is distributed in the sea Tuy Phong.
In addition to specialties on the tourists can enjoy rice cakes, cakes, crispy cakes and seafood from the sea such as squid, shrimp, fish all kinds of cheap and fresh.
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Tourists should buy fresh seafood in coastal fishing villages or dive in busy fishing ports. In addition, visitors can buy products Cham Cham - Binh Duc or Cham - Phan Hoa weaving with many beautiful models no less Cham products of Ninh Thuan.