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Other Services

Laundry Service
If you have your clothes to be washed, please kindly fill out the laundry form in the laundry basket in the bathroom.
Our staff will collect them when they make your room up and your laundry will be delivered the next day.

Luggage storage
While you are waiting for the room or the bus, your luggage should be kept in our office.

Reception open 24 hours
Please contact our reception if you need any assistances.

Room service
If you would like room service, just show us the board of "please make up room" or " please do not disturb" if you do not want our room service.

Bicycle using
If you would like to borrow one of our bicycles, you should contact our reception. It's free of charge.

Motorbike rental
We also have motorbikes for rent. If you would like to get experience on motorbike, you should hire them from our Reception and no driving licence needed