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Places can not be ignored when Phan Thiet travel


The ancient water tower, Duc Thanh school, Ho Chi Minh museum, Ong Pagoda, Mui Ne ... are places to nip visitors on the way to explore the land of Phan Thiet.
Handbook for Phan Thiet tour

The interesting stopover when visiting Phan Thiet
Phan Thiet is the administrative, economic and cultural center of Binh Thuan province, about 180km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. The life of the people of Phan Thiet along the gentle stream of Ca Ty. From transportation of seafood, waterway transportation to cultural activities on festive occasions.


The ancient water tower shimmering night by Ca Ty is one of the legendary photo angles for the paparazzi if you have the opportunity to see Phan Thiet night.


Duc Thanh School in the center of Phan Thiet City, where teachers Nguyen Tat Thanh (the name of Uncle Ho at 20 years old) teaching in 1910, before going to Saigon to go out to save the country.


Ho Chi Minh Museum is the place where the artifacts of Nguyen Tat Thanh are stored while teaching at Duc Thanh School. The museum is located across the street opposite the Duc Thanh school.



Ong Pagoda (Quan Em Temple) was built in 1778. It is the largest-scale folk belief institution of the Chinese community in Binh Thuan Province, expressing the respect of Deity Quan.



Van Thuy Tu was founded in 1762 to worship the god of the South Sea. Fishermen worship the god of the South Sea because they believe that when it is stormy, the big waves, the whale's great winds, also help them to overcome the storm.



Being a newly opened land around several hundred years back, Phan Thiet has many religious temples hoping for the peace of fishermen, merchants or people who settle in coastal lands.



Doi Duong Beach, also known as Doi Duong Park, is one of the beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet City, with oceanic and casuarinas running along the coast.



The far-sighted Phu Hai fishing village is located at the foot of Ba Na hill in Phan Thiet city, adjacent to Mr Ge stone and white sand banks.



A peaceful morning at the estuary, fishermen anchor to rest after extended sea voyages.



Going to Phan Thiet, travelers can hardly ignore the attractive spiritual attractions with calm and mysterious. Po Sah Inu tower, also known as Cham Street, is a group of relics Cham tower remains on Ba ai hill in Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city.



Mui Ne Paradise with green coconut trees, white sand beach along with sea waves, sunshine and wind, creating a natural scenery for visitors when you arrive here.