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Traditional Nghinh Ong festival in Phan Thiet

Exactly every two years, fishing village quarters along the Ca Ty River of Phan Thiet has a thrilling occasion in the festive atmosphere of Nghinh Quan Quan Holy.
Thousands of people attending the festival 'Nghinh Ong'


Every two years, even in the even year, Nghinh Quan Quan De festival is held in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. This is a festival of colorful customs - beliefs typical of the Chinese community in Phan Thiet.



This festival takes place in about 3 days from August 15 to 17, full convergence of traditional rituals. People burn incense to worship the national anthropological peace, prosperous rain and good life.



Even though it was hot, it did not stop the people from attending the ceremony. For the people, when the Dragon fly into the house receiving lì is regarded as Ngu welfare home, promising a prosperous business season, health peace.



Quan Binh horse riding attracts the attention of many people, this is also one of the models bring many blessings in the Chinese belief.



Chancellor Chou Xuang's bodyguard Guan Ping was also vividly recreated.



And here are two Enlightenment garden peaches.



It is believed that when people crouch down the street, they will be lucky and be protected by the gods.



100 Year-Old Dragon Dragon - An indispensable cultural symbol in the Festival. The 50m long dragon is controlled by 150 continuous dancers, of which 120 are dedicated to the dragon trunk and the rest are empty.



In preparation for the Festival, the female dancers had to practice early and almost wake up the night before. However, they performed very impressive. On average, every household has a table, they must perform a blessing for the owner.



The radiant smile of "Miss Thien Hau" among the beautiful maid.



"Mr. Dragon" will be returned to the place of origin - the Imperial Temple to perform the ceremony "Thanh Long incarnate" ended the festival. According to people, Nghinh Ong Festival 2014 is generally regarded as more successful and majestic than in previous years.