If you want to stay fit while on vacation, please use the gym at any time of the day.
By creating innovative, creative and unique workout spaces, we aim to bring you lots of excitement in your workouts.
 With a system of modern exercise machines, the equipment of the gym is cleverly arranged to meet the needs of people.
The gym's treadmill is fully equipped with a manufacturer's brand with a guarantee of quality reputation. Treadmills measuring heart rate, running in the air, muscle trainers (impact more muscle groups at the same time), cardio equipment (rubber balls, bosu balls, mats, dumbel weights, babel weights), ropes TRX fitness, weighing devices to measure body mass index (fat percentage, water, bone mass, aging age, calories, muscle weight), the Sana & Stembath (sauna) system works. acts on the nervous system to increase fatigue, reduce common injuries, and help the human body respond quickly to abnormal changes in people around.
 The floor mat system of the gym is made of high-quality materials, ensuring shine
With many services and equipment for exercise and sports today, it is aimed at health, beauty and satisfaction for local people as well as tourists who are visiting and relaxing in the coastal city. Remember to register to participate in training to have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives.
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Acreage: 42 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 3 room
Acreage: 40 m2 View: Pool view Amount: 24 room
Acreage: 35 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 11 room
Acreage: 40 m2 View: Sea View Amount: 4 room
Acreage: 40 m2 View: By the sea Amount: 5 room
Acreage: 60 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 3 room
Acreage: 72 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 24 room